I’ll Make You “Name-ous.”


That’s my Tagline, and I’m sticking with it.


Because That’s What I Do.
Give Your Brand the Star Treatment it Deserves to Make it Stand Out, Not Fit In.


How serious are you about your business?

How serious are you about your logo and branding?

I hope that you are as serious about them as I am about mine.

I’m so serious about my business and what I do that I stake my name and reputation on it.

That’s what :done by d. book represents.

The name is a play on words- but I’m serious business when it comes to my art and design.

Done by me, and Done right.

So, if you’re looking for something “fast” (quick fix), “inexpensive” (cheap), or “just a logo” (cookie cutter), then I’m not the person for the job. Designers like that are a dime a dozen- which I am not.

But, if you’re looking for someone that values your business/brand as if were my own, someone that’s going to listen to you, someone that wants to learn about you and your business before my first sketch or draft, research and spend the time deserved for a quality product, and once completed, will provide you with a professional, tailor-made logo, then we can work together.

At the end of the day, it’s your business, so it’s your decision. I’m just the right choice.

I Design Professional, Original, Copyright-Ready Logos,

(No Sub-Contracting, No Contest Winners, No Copied/Resold Work)

My logos and cover designs have been copyrighted, published, and sold in various mediums- from Books/Magazines, CD’s, Packaging and Apparel, and can be found online (Amazon) as well as brick and mortar establishments (Barnes and Noble).

I value and respect my clients, and everything that they have invested into their brand, so I create each logo with the same care, thoughtfulness, and investment as if it was my company.

I am talented, knowledgeable, and most importantly, attentive to my Client’s needs,

You design the logo- I have the creativity to make your vision visual.

I am also certain that I can create a logo that you will be proud of, give your company the “brand recognition” it deserves, and that it will be serve as an advertising, marketing, and promotion focal point.

I hope that we are afforded the opportunity to speak to each other. I want to hear about your business so we can get started!


d. book